Windows 11 compatible
Now you can rent out items to a customer for up to 365 days. No 7 day limit.
Support for monthly subscription: Customer pays fixed monthly fee for unlimited rentals.
Attach comments to transactions
Apply gross discount to transactions
Accept gift certificates, cash, credit cards, debit cards and checks as payment
Print receipts for late fees
Selectively apply tax and discounts to rental items and products
Great documentation (help file).
Improved and easier to use payment collection module
Store Logo on receipts!
Reprint receipts
Automated backups. Restore your data when you want
Hold transactions while you attend to other customers. Recall the transaction when you need it.

Lookup movie details from the internet.

Track DVDs with multiple titles easily from this software.

Export reports to pdf, html and rich text format.

Powerful enterprise level database system. Maximum database size is 16 Terabytes on Windows Vista/7. There would be no need to pay for an upgrade to SQL Server or Another database in future.

Easy to use interface
Track date and time that rental items were returned with ease.
Previously rented alert
Customer rental history
DVD rental history
Actor search
Automatic late fee calculation
Import Existing data
Export data
Customer Limit Unlimited
Rental Item Limit Unlimited
Support from Boachsoft Unlimited Support
Capture customer photos from software
Graphical analysis of Sales and Rentals
Spreadsheet view of data
Detailed Reports
Email functionality
Special offers
Password protected setup
Receipt printer, cash drawer and pole display compatibility
Barcode support
Pay on return
Sell peripheral products
Manage rentals
Powerful Search module
Customer accounts management system
CD on demand (extra charge) d
Support for prepaid rentals
Comprehensive information storage
Customer photographs 33
Network version available 33
Set Rate options for up to 30 days and beyond! 33
Weekend and part-day rate options 33
Unlimited pricing schemes 33
Option of two tax rates 33
Option for closing day(s) 33
Change calculator 33
Track rentals by transaction number 33
Renew or extend rentals with ease 33
Renewed rentals report 33
Set return time for rentals 33
Quick return function 33
Options for late return fees 33
Search for video by video #, part of title, keyword from title, or part of actor's name 33
Search for customer by customer #, part of last name, or phone number 33
Sell non-inventory items 33
Track stock levels 33
Report on daily and monthly sales receipts 33
Ideal for the combined video rental and retail store 33
Report on Cancelled transactions 33
Videos currently on loan report 33
Videos out to a specific customer report 33
Returns due on a specified day report 33
Video history (previous renter) 33
Top titles report 33
Customer rental history 33
Customer balances 33
Daily and period revenue 33
Total balance owed by customers 33
Detailed sales report for specified period 33
Customer's account history 33
Availability of title 33
Two different return methods 33
Film ratings 33
Stock level monitoring 33
Stock reorder Levels 33
Unlimited email support 33
Unlimited phone support (toll free line) 33
Membership expired, credit card expired and other alerts 33

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